Top 10 Things That Could Lead To World War 3

The purpose of the United Nations is to prevent disputes from growing or getting worse. However, the current rise in terrorism has caused some people to wonder if there could ever be a Third World War. Since terrorism does not exclusively originate in poorer nations, education and help are not the answer. In actuality, since ISIS’s founding, more than 600 people from Northern America have joined the organisation. You might look at the top 10 causes of boys becoming terrorists, but in the interim, let’s examine the factors that can trigger a Third World War.

10. Partnerships

In reality, it is how wars throughout the world start. Germany and Italy helped Austria during World War One. The Triple Entente—Britain, France, and Russia—understood that if one of them were attacked, the other two would defend them. When Italy switched parties, this agreement was broken. Austria then invaded Serbia, Germany then attacked France before turning around to attack Russia, while Britain supported France and Italy joined them. In this manner, war nearly consumed the all of Europe.

This is most likely what will occur in World War II. Iran and India may attack Pakistan; China may assist and become involved; America may turn on both sides and seem to support them; the Philippines and a neighbouring archipelago may decide to remain neutral while deciding which side to support; and so on. There are already a number of conflicts in the Middle East that might intersect with the third great war.

9. Geographic Expansion

Austria wanted Serbia all to themselves, which sparked World War I. (though there are other reasons too). Warmongers are driven insane by their desire to cross boundaries and take control of more land. Israel wants the remaining Palestinian territory, the United States wants territories with Native American influence, India is interested in Kashmir, China is seeking for sea islands, and so on.

Resources 8

Whether this is a myth or a truth is unknown to us because we lack a satellite of our own, but it is said that the United States and India are interested in Pakistan’s Balochistan province because of the metal and mineral deposits found there. This is therefore a different Avatar game, although one that is as brutal and bloody since it is genuine. The more dominant side will ultimately prevail, but not before risking a great deal of its own.

7. Water

Only 3% of the planet’s surface is made up of fresh water. Only 1% of these 3% are accessible to the whole world’s population. Yea! That much water and six billion people. There is water everywhere, yet there isn’t a drop left over. That is a well-known quote that was taught to us in school, and for good reason. It may take several hundred years before Dan Brown’s “Inferno” or “Elysium,” starring Matt Damon, becomes a reality due to growing global temperatures, the desert’s encroachment of water, and urbanisation. Although we won’t be around then, would the generations after us be willing to forgive us for what we are doing? Taking control of freshwater resources may be a contributing factor in WWIII.

Resources 6

The not yet impending but unavoidable WWIII may be brought on by a nation’s avarice in using resources beyond what is necessary. Unfortunately, the world’s non-renewable energy sources are disappearing at an alarmingly quick pace. Even now, it is not stable. The world’s oil supplies might run out in about 50 years. The more powerful nations would desperately want to seize the weaker nations’ oil and gas deposits. Somalia, the oil and gold-rich nation, had a very bright future until being prodded into a civil war by you know who.

5. Illness

A global alert has been raised by the emergence of deadly diseases like Ebola in African nations. Although interim steps like limiting the migration of citizens from certain nations have been adopted, it will still be some time before widespread discontent over medications and narcotics starts. By that time, we may once again be buried alive, burned, or fed to vultures, but would the generations who have been afflicted by sickness forgive us for driving them to the brink of war?

4. Arms

The planet and the next generation may be threatened by the rising investment in weapons, particularly nuclear weapons. Weapons of mass destruction have been deployed in the past, despite being primarily recommended as a deterrent. Countries get into a mad arms race while trying to prevent the use of weapons by constructing additional weapons, yet after a few generations, only a few missiles are destroyed.

3. Theology and Belief

According to some people’s religious beliefs, a third global war is just around the corner. Jews believe that when Armageddon occurs, it will result in a massive battle that will free them from oppression and lead them out of their hiding places. On the other side, Muslims anticipate a third world war with a view to a global revolt against Jews and other non-Muslims. A third major battle might result from steadfast adherence to these ideas.

2. The Conflict in Ukraine

Russia participated in both of the previous world wars as one of the key nations. Many Ukrainians are calling the recent Russian invasion of Crimea an act of war. Even though the two have practically always been angry with one another, the hostilities are currently at an all-time high. Could this be a situation that would engage the alliances and ultimately result in war?

The most common factors that might trigger World War 3 are those that are listed above. The current war between Ukraine and Russia is the most frequently cited reason of World War III. By shooting missiles against towns and military objectives, Russian forces have begun a massive attack on Ukraine as of February 24, 2022. Ukraine, on the other side, has imposed martial law and broken off all diplomatic ties with Russia. source. According to some analysts, the third global war is about to break out.

Rule of Nature 1

To create place for more, other nations have swept entire nations aside. The rule of the strongest has long prevailed in this planet. The world witnessed the emergence of European states from sheer ruins after 50 million people died in Europe alone. After reaching its pinnacle of civilization, the planet attempts to annihilate itself just to restart. It goes without stating that if this is the universe’s unstoppable and destructive cycle, then.

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