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The Legend of Michael Mishra movie review: Arshad Warsi’s film is a shambolic mess

There are movies you don’t understand why they were made. The Legend of Michael Mishra is a good addition to this group of notorious books. Here is our review of the movie that is supposed to be funny.

The Legend of Michael Mishra is Arshad Warsi’s latest attempt to make a solo movie that will be as good as Jolly LLB. Here’s what we thought.

There are movies you don’t understand why they were made. The Legend of Michael Mishra is a good addition to this group of notorious books. Why is the word “legend” thrown around so much? Why does the place where the movie takes place, Patna, look so much like Mumbai? Why is Kala Paani more like an isolated 1980s boot camp than a prison? Why is Kayoze Irani dressing like a woman? Why is Michael Mishra, who is young, staring at a girl who looks like she is half his age? Why do we need to care about Michael?

Michael Mishra (Arshad Warsi), the main character, is a master tailor, a feared kidnapper, a devoted lover, a wanted criminal, a champion swimmer, a saint, and the person who holds the record for eating 50 green chillies in five minutes. No, we’re not making up the second success. He fell in love with Varsha the first time he saw her dancing as a child under a tree. Aditi Rao Hydari plays her as she grows up and becomes a dancer. She wears tight, embroidered waistcoats, does some bharatanatyam moves, and sings songs like “The spelling of cow is C-O-W.” We’re not making that up, either. This is, in fact, the funny thing you’re treated to. Varsha wants Michael to become a good person, so the main character, Michael, goes on a journey of redemption that leads him to court, where he admits to his crimes and is given a 500-year prison sentence. We thought the movie was a waste of that much time.

The so-called plot twist is easy to guess, which makes viewers wonder why Manish Jha drags out the story until it stops moving. The songs in this movie are not only unnecessary, but most of them are so boring that Aditi Rao Hydari has to sing to them. Boman Irani’s job is to tell a group of tourists the story of Mishra. Warsi tries hard to be a bigger-than-life hero with a sense of humour, but he can’t because the script is boring and has no fun parts. Kayoze Irani is the sidekick, but instead of making people laugh, his over-the-top actions make them mad all the time.

The longer The Legend of Michael Mishra goes on, the more laughs happen when they don’t belong. The over-the-top setup by Jha turns into a sloppy mess with bad production values and a boring romance. So when a character says, “We’ve made a mistake in our lives,” we’re ready to take this as the filmmaker’s way of saying sorry. But forgiveness is a whole different story.

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Michael Misra (Arshad Warsi), aka Bhaiyyaji, is a Bihari tailor-turned-kidnapper who falls in love with Varsa Sukla (Aditi Rao Hydari), a want tobe actress from Patna. He stops being a bad guy for her and tries to be a good person, but will this change be enough to bring them together

Review: There have been reports of protests against the movie in Punjab because of its religious references. It wouldn’t be surprising if it also caused problems in other places because it hurt the feelings of “thinking” moviegoers. First of all, the movie is completely crazy. You have to wonder if the actors were ever given a good script. It looks like they chose their own clothes, wrote their own lines, and danced the way they wanted to without any help from an expert.

Except for the part with Varsa, Sukla, and Misra, no effort has been made to copy the real Bihari shudh Hindi or mannerisms. Patna seems to be remade in a studio in a city, where it is shown as a backwards village with bad talent shows like “Bihar Ijj full of talent.” It can be funny to use bad English on purpose if the characters are innocent. “I can speak English, write English, and laugh English because English is a very funny language” is a good thing for Amitabh Bachchan to say. Mistakes that sound like they were planned by the actors doesn’t work. “Thank you”? We say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

The movie tries to make fun of small-town thugs in a filmy way, but it lacks the style, substance, and humour to do so. You might wonder why Arshad Warsi or Boman Irani would want to be in it. Boman’s son Kayoze, who was cast well in Student of the Year and is fat, is just another guy trying to be funny because he is fat. The extras in the movie look like they were hired off the street and didn’t know how to act before. Only Aditi Rao Hydari’s looks are good about this low-budget movie for adults that looks like it was made by kids. I don’t know much about “Legend,” but this boring movie is definitely an epic fail.

Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani have been good friends in many movies, and now they are back together in “The Legend of Michael Mishra,” which is directed by Manish Jha.
The movie is about a gangster named Michael (Arshad) who is not very smart but has a big heart. FP and Half Pant (Boman and Kayoze, father and son, play FP and Half Pant) help Michael win the love of his life, a starlet named Varsha Shukla (Aditi Rao Hydari). What happens next is like a roller coaster ride with twists and turns that you didn’t see coming. The movie has a good mix of songs, including the hit “Luv Letter,” and the people who made it say it has an old-fashioned charm.
The family movie, which was made by Shareen Mantri Kedia and Kishore Arora, is supposed to have an exciting ending that will keep people watching until the end. The film “The Legend of Michael Mishra,” which was put on by Wave Cinemas Ponty Chadha, Raju Chadha, and pro

The Legend of Michael Mishra review: a big joke

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