10 Best Free Education Apps For Learning

According to a recent study by McGraw-Hill, more than 75% of students utilise contemporary technology like tablets and smart phones to raise their academic performance. Better than 60% of respondents claim that using these advanced tools has helped them feel more prepared for class. The newest applications help kids stay on top of the lengthy school days while also improving learning. Most of us get ready for long evenings of studying, coffee, and textbooks as the school year gets underway. Today, it’s also important to always have your mobile device prepared with the appropriate software inside. The list of free education applications may be found further down. 10 top no-cost educational applications

1. Evernote

This was released in 2008 and is one of the best free educational applications. It has subsequently gained popularity. The app has lately undergone a number of upgrades that give users more freedom. The programme has an easy-to-use UI that is ideal for kids. They have the ability to take notes, make to-do lists, set reminders and agendas, and access any data. Another feature is a camera, which is also quite useful. Any paper, business card, or note can be snapped by the user.

2. Dropbox Mobile

A pupil must transfer and receive several files. With this free software, sharing all of the pictures, documents, notes, and videos is really simple and safe. Additionally, it enables users to add remarks to the files they want to share. This is very useful when getting ready for a collective project. Additionally, Dropbox and Microsoft have a collaboration that enables users to access Office documents straight from their mobile devices. Later, these files can be stored in Drop Box accounts. Multiple users can update the same document simultaneously thanks to Drop Box’s “Notes” functionality.

3. Khan Academy

More than 4000 instructive films about math, computers, music, and other subjects are accessible through this app. It also provides thorough information on the admissions procedures for various universities. With the use of this programme, a student may also get ready for the SAT. One of the top free educational applications is Khan Academy.

4. Wolfram

With more than 10 trillion data points and 50,000 equations, it is known as the “Star Trek” of applications. This vast amount of data would be used by the app to create answers and reports on a variety of subjects, including but not limited to mythology, genealogy, astronomy, trigonometry, etc. Additionally, it creates graphs that include formula specifics, step-by-step instructions, and information. A student’s tutor and greatest friend is The Wolfram.

5. Easy Bib

One of the top free educational applications available is Easy Bib. The time-consuming element of writing a research paper is creating the bibliography, which comes at the finish. A student might create a list of references using the EasyBib software in hundreds of different citation styles, including the MLA and APA formats. A student merely has to input the title of the book, and the software will offer a variety of alternatives for selecting the citation style. A book’s barcode can also be produced for citation.

6. My Study Life

Simply put, this software is fantastic for replacing paper planners. What it does is keep track of all work being done across several platforms and devices. Timetables will also be used by users to manage their classes. Exams and tasks can also be monitored online. Additionally, alerts are available to keep users informed about classes, tests, and examinations. This programme is quite simple to use and has a user-friendly design. For easier use, classes can be color-coded on the calendar.

7. Microsoft Office Mobile

One of the best free education applications is this one, which gives Android users access to MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Users will be able to generate fresh MS Word and MS Excel documents on a mobile phone if they need to start their homework but don’t have access to a PC.

8. Duolingo

When attempting to learn a new language, this app is enjoyable and addicting. Similar to Rosetta Stone, it matches words with images. Speaking exercises and games can assist users learn French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages. If a person has some prior knowledge of a language, they can start later rather than from scratch.

9. Scribd

It’s considered to be the Netflix of literature. More than a million books, CDs, and other scholarly publications are accessible through it. Additionally, it gives customers book recommendations based on their previous preferences. Books may be kept on users’ mobile devices as well. The second-place finisher on our list of free education applications was Scribd.

10. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

A student has to obtain the recommended amount of sleep each night. There is a good probability that you won’t be able to do well on examinations if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. This software examines users’ sleep patterns. This study is based on years upon years of sleep science research.

ten of the best free learning apps;

Alarm Clock for Sleep Cycle



Mobile Office for Microsoft

My Academic Life

Quick Bib


Academy of Khan

The Dropbox App


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