10 Beauty Products for Women Invented By Men

Beauty has always been valued throughout history, and in the past, dressing exquisitely for any event required a lot of time, effort, and imagination on the part of a lady. We now live in a period of tremendous beauty and wonderful innovations that greatly simplify our lives, but have you ever pondered who was responsible for their creation?

The 10 Women’s Beauty Products Invented by Men

10. A curling iron

Even though Hiram Maxim patented it in 1866, Marcele Grateau produced the “Marcele curl” in 1872, and he also manufactured his own iron in 1890. Hairdressers would often test the iron on a piece of paper first since it was difficult to manage the iron’s temperature before using it on someone’s hair.

9. Liquid makeup

Women initially used foundation in Ancient Egypt as a white powder or paste, but Carl Baudin of the German theatre “Leipziger Stadt” is credited with creating modern foundation. He concocted a skin-colored paste out of zinc, ochre, and lard to hide the seam where his wig met his forehead. He started selling this paint since it was so well-liked by other performers up until Max Factor created “Flexible Greasepaint” in 1914.

In 1946, Louis Réard created the first bikini, which was worn by Micheline Bernardini.

8. Swimsuit

Louis Réard, an automobile engineer and apparel designer, invented the first bikini in the world in 1946. He observed that women frequently roll the borders of their swimsuits up to improve their tans, which gave him the idea for a two-piece design that bares the midriff.

7. a lip balm

Dr. Charles Browne Fleet created this handcrafted item in the 1880s, although it wasn’t particularly well known at the time. It had the appearance of a little candle covered in foil. Yes, I would not purchase it.

6. Spanx

Unbelievably, thongs were worn by individuals far before the year 2000. They are thought to have descended from warmer-climated African tribes, according to historians. However, Rudi Gernreich, a contemporary clothes designer, created this item in reaction to the Los Angeles City Council’s prohibition against sunbathing in its natural state.

5. Synthetic nails

They were made by a dentist who attempted to use an artificial nail after breaking one while working and trying to repair it. Fred Slack was his name. Throughout the 20th century, fake nails gained widespread acceptance.

4.  Bobby pins

You always need and borrow this, but you always lose it in the end. Luis Marcus is another individual who created bobby pins. When “bobbed hair” first gained popularity in the 1950s, the first bobby pins were manufactured by hand, hence the name.

3. A straightening iron

Simon E. Monroe initially obtained a patent for this item in 1906, and it resembled a metal comb. However, a few years later, Issac K. Shero developed a different product that was constructed of two hot irons that were joined around the hair.

2. Eyeliner

Women have been using various homemade treatments to lengthen and darken their eyelashes for generations. Eugène Rimmel created the first mascara that was sold commercially in the 19th century. It was constructed with petroleum jelly.

1. Disposable napkins (pads)

Well, none other than the illustrious Benjamin Franklin is to blame for the invention of sanitary napkins. His creation was designed to staunch bleeding in injured troops, but Johnson & Johnson also took inspiration from it when they developed the first disposable napkins in 1888. I’m grateful, Mr. Franklin.

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