Homesickness: When You Miss Your Home

Everything around me seems much different from where I’m from and at this rate I think that my faith has been well go. (Everything around me seems so different from where I come from and at this rate I think my faith has disappeared) – Homesick, A Day to Remember.

Homesickness is understood as that nostalgia you feel when you are away from home and miss your family, friends, food and the routine you were used to. Well, maybe A Day to Remember’s take on feeling homesick is a bit tragic but it gives us a good idea of ​​what it’s like to be away from home.

It does not matter if it is the first time you travel or if you are used to doing it. Neither if you travel for a few weeks or months; if you are on vacation, studying or volunteering; no one is exempt from feeling homesick. Although there is nothing wrong with feeling this way and it is totally normal, here are some tips to prevent homesick from being stronger than the happiness of being in another place.

1. Bring something to remind you of home

This may sound a bit obvious, but in the rush to pack you may forget it completely. Whether it’s a special t-shirt, photograph, lamp or even a pair of shoes. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and at home.

2. Investigate what the lifestyle is like

Before traveling, investigate what the lifestyle of the place you visit is like, what is fashion like? Do you drive on the right or left side? What transportation do you use? What are the customs? All this will help you to feel a little more adapted when you arrive and not everything will seem new to you.

3. Document your experience

Whether it is writing a journal, a blog, making videos or some photographic project. Do not lose detail of everything you do, in the end it will be a great way to relive those experiences. Talk about your feelings, if you feel nostalgic say it, if you feel happy too.

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4. Adjust your expectations

Perhaps when you arrived at your destination you did it with great expectations of what you would do, but missing your past routine makes you feel that it was not what you expected. Adapt to your new environment, understand that things will not be the same as what you were used to. Each city has its own dynamic, venture to discover new things.

5. Balance contact

When we miss something we try to stay in touch with it as much time as possible, which makes us miss it even more. Do not do it. Balance the time you spend talking to your parents on the phone and checking your social media with the time you spend discovering where you are. Send them photos, show them what it’s like to be there, remember that they are getting to know the place through you.

6. Teach something about your place of origin

If you miss your place of origin too much, a good way to remember is by giving classes in something typical. It can be cooking, dancing, music or some art that characterizes your place of origin. Not only will you avoid feeling homesick, but you will also be able to share a bit of your culture.

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7. Expand your family

They say that friends are the family that you choose. It is time to grow your family and make friends, they will help you distract yourself and keep you busy to reduce the feeling of loneliness. If your friends are also far from their homes, the bond will be greater and you will be able to support each other, because they are going through the same situation.

The experience of being away from everything you know will not only teach you to be more independent and responsible, it will also help you appreciate the little things that used to go unnoticed: your family, your friends and feeling proud of your country.

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