10 Back to School Tips

Nowadays, a lot of people wonder why we still go to school or university, when everything is available at the push of a button. Do you need to know when man first landed on the Moon? Google it. Do you want music? Enter YouTube. Do you need to know what 67 percent of 110 is? To do that we have calculators in our phones.

Yet while we all have this information at our fingertips, studying at school or university is about much more than mastering equations or memorizing dates: not just because learning in a classroom or lecture room is still totally different from spending a few hurried minutes in front of a small screen; An important aspect – and I would say the best – of university life are the personal relationships that are formed with professors and classmates.

But going back to school after a break can be tough. To make it easier for everyone, we’ve identified ten ways to make the landing a bit smoother and the start of studies easier.

1. Start your routine early

You can’t expect to go to bed around 2:00 and survive your alarm going off at 6:45. So about a week before school starts, go to bed at a reasonable hour and get up early. This is much better than having to start the day with 10 cups of coffee.

2. Make a to-do list

Make a list of everything you need to buy and everything you need to do. You will feel more accomplished and able to fight an enemy worse than bullies: lack of resolve.

3. Get ready the night before

If you’re anything like me, you probably need an hour in the morning to find the clothes you’re going to wear. Instead, choose your clothes and get your things ready the night before. This will save you a lot of time in the morning, so you can sleep in more or even have breakfast twice. #triumph

10 Back to School Tips

4. Eat breakfast Really

Eat! Every day. This will give you the energy and focus you will need throughout the day. Remember, your brain needs fuel, just like your car.

5. Plan your route

Are you going to drive? Cycling? By train? Make sure you plan for it, so that you at least have a chance of being there on time. And make sure that you take your devices with you and that they are fully charged, there is nothing worse than running out of battery on your smartphone on the way to school or university, or forgetting your headphones at home and having to listen to your seat neighbor talking loud on the phone at 6 in the morning.

6. Plan your schedule

Check your schedule and try to figure out how long it will take you to get from class to class. If you have time, do a rehearsal. Especially if you go to a big school, this will prevent you from getting lost or mistakenly entering another class having to come up with some clumsy excuse.

7. Goes well with the teacher

I’m not saying you sit in front and bring him an apple every day. You just have to make a good impression, don’t skip classes, work hard to turn in assignments on time, and don’t be late. In this way, they will respect you and will be more likely to help you better understand the subject and extend the deadline for that work that you can not finish on time.

10 Back to School Tips

8. Make friends

Keep your old friends, but make an effort to make new ones: attend social events and college fairs. Join a club that matches your interests, this will put you in touch with people like you. You should also find a fellow student who will tell you all about the teachers, the classes and everything else, your first hand information from him as a person who has already been through it will be invaluable! Friends, as we’ve said before, are what make the student experience so special, so don’t miss out!

9. Don’t go over your budget

After all, you are still a student! So, until you start work, don’t go crazy over snacks in the cafeteria or spending it all when you go out with friends on the weekends. Make a budget and stick to it.

10. Reinvent yourself

This is the time to grow personally and get to know yourself better to truly become the amazing person you always wanted to be. Challenge yourself in every possible way and don’t give in to peer pressure. People will respect you more if you stay true to yourself.

Remember that your time at school or university is the best time of your life; everyone can vouch that no matter how much you say you hated college, you’ll always miss it after it’s over.

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