5 Curious Facts About Italians

If you are thinking of learning Italian or visiting Italy, here are some facts that you should definitely know about Italians. There are many things from our culture that are famous around the world: our food, music, and coffee never go unnoticed. However, there are many mannerisms in our culture that you may not be aware of.

Allow me to share 5 curious facts about Italians that will help you understand our culture better.

1. Coffee after eating is essential

Italians start their day with a cappuccino, followed by an espresso after lunch and sometimes after dinner. They usually enjoy it standing up at a bar, partly because the size of a shot of espresso can be taken in less than a minute. They also prepare it at home in a Moka pot. One thing you should be sure of is that in Italy there is always room for coffee.

5 curious facts about Italians

2. You can use hand gestures to communicate

Do you want to have a conversation with an Italian but don’t have a command of the language yet? Don’t worry. You can rely less on vocabulary and try to talk with your hands, chances are they will understand you. Italian is all about gestures, but make sure you learn when and how each one is used. Not all gestures are innocent in Italy and you don’t want to have awkward moments.

3. Never reject food from an Italian grandmother

It is the worst crime you can commit, just like in Mexico. The family is one of the most important aspects of the life of Italians and grandparents are highly respected. The food of Italian grandmothers is especially sacred. So when you are invited to an Italian table, the answer to the question are you satisfied? is always not

5 curious facts about Italians

4. Pineapple pizza does not exist in Italy

There is a lot of debate about whether or not pizza should have pineapple. In Italy this does not exist: pineapple is considered a fruit, not something that should go on a pizza. For Italians, it is not acceptable to put fruit on pizza. This is mainly because pineapple is not an Italian product and also because the ingredients on the pizza should not predominate one over the other, unfortunately, this is not the case with this fruit.

5 curious facts about Italians

5. Never go out with wet hair

If you want to drive an Italian crazy, just go out with wet hair. Going out without drying your hair in Italy means risking colpo d’aria, literally, the wind blows. It is said to cause everything from neck pain to indigestion. In Italy, a sudden change in temperature is considered bad for your health, so when Italians get sick they blame the air.

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